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Archaeological finds date back to the late 6th century BC.

During the Archaic and Classical periods (7th-5th century BC) the site was probably sacred to to the cult of an earlier mother goddess (Eni Mahanahi in Lycia), which was later superseded by the worship of Leto.

It lies low with gently rolling hills, a lush green carpet in the spring that becomes cracling yellow-brown in the summer.

Christianity later replaced pagan beliefs and in the 5th century AD a chuch was built using stones from the old temples.Today Limnos' volcanic past is manifest in its astringent hot springs and the highly sulphuric Limnian Earth, found near Repanidi, used from ancient times until Turkish occupation for healing wounds and stomach aches.Evgati, beautiful sandy beach (1 Km from Kondias) Keros, sandy, one of the best, the most popular. Riha Nera, fine grains of golden sand, swallow waters.They offered a spectacular view to pilgrims walking up the Holy Street from the propylon (a monument gateway leading to the sanctuary) which was located down the platform where the temples and altars were built.Limnos with one of the prettiest harbours in Greece, beautiful beaches and picturesque, traditional villages untouched by modern-day tourism, hardly fits with any Greek Island stereotypes.

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