What is desktop dating about

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Truly Madly’s principal users are urban Indians in the 18-34 age group, and this is a demographic that is a heavy user of smartphones.

Secondly, we realised that browsing dating profiles is a deeply personal activity, that is best done on a personal device like a smartphone, that is with you at all times.

India has a few dating apps, but none of them match with Truly Madly’s USP of 100% verified profiles and compatibility matching. Online dating is growing very fast and has already seen a high rate of adoption in the big metropolitan cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore and a few others.

On the contrary, subscription is very old school and a web 1.0 model. What interests you most about the online dating industry?

When did you launch and what markets is Truly Madly available in? Female users make up 30% of all users on Truly Madly.

Truly Madly was first launched as a website in February 2014 and later the app went live in August 2014. On average, a user spends around 55 minutes a day on the app, which actually compares favourably to time spent on Facebook.

We plan to charge users on other features such as stickers, quizzes or games that users can purchase like icebreakers or conversation starters.

We are also looking to earn revenue from creating more value for our users – for example, helping our users plan their dates better, through collaborations with food, beverages, cosmetics and hospitality brands.

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