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Adorable couple, shin-hye and geun-suk are really a cute couple. watching this drama for the 8th time now, I cnt get enug of this drama, falling in love with the character more and more, specially Jeremy, he is like super super cute and his character is so bright ,funny, sweet and cute like himself. Really hope there will be Season 2 in the thought process right now. Park Shin-Hye "Mi-Nam" is very pretty and charming. Am happy watching it again "You are beautiful" is my favorite drama,the best i never have seen,i always re-watch it (already 6th times). Hoping there`s Part 2 on this awesome and great drama :) This korean drama is really, really awesome (two thumbs up to the people behind this korean drama!! However, I just can't think of what the heck it will be about if there is going to be a Season 2? I get excited when she & Tae Kyung quarrel coz they're so cute hehehe and I always look forward of when he will embrace & kiss her. So, take a stroll down memory lane to remember all of our past Word of the Year selections.Ko Mi-Nyeo & Ko Mi-Nam (both played by Park Shin-Hye) are twin brother and sisters. FT ISLAND (hongki's band) was in Philippines last march as guest performer in "showtime" (abs-cbn channel2). it would be awesome that several, if not all, the main cast of YAB will visit for fan meeting... im sad that the airing time for each character is not properly divided... I love this drama Jang Geun Seok Oppa Jeong Yong Hwa Oppa Lee Hong Ki Oppa Park Shin Hye Unni Great Job!! Eun-yu Kang is goofy which makes him very likable :) Shin-woo Kangan is also a cutie....

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I fell in love with Tae kyung.cute and funny..seems rude and arrogant but really have a good and big heart and at the end he always help her. His expressions,his faces ,his voice and the way he speaks are fantastic and unique. And now I cannot remember how many times I've rewatched this drama. i wish that the of ftisland can go here in the phil. He's actually my 1st choice for Mi-Nam but later I like Tae Kyung more for Mi-Nam. I read that [email protected] Sound of your Heart, it was totally hilarious and I'm laughing hard too. XOXO C'mon, isn't having him in RM, an episode a week better than having him in a drama? If LKS decide to leaving RM to focus in his acting career just like SJK did when he leaving RM and focus on his acting career, LKS will be offering many movie or tv drama main lead role. But since his busy schedule with RM filming, RM fan meeting, and other RM activities, he can't take a main lead role on movie or tv drama. I hope that you'll be the main lead again for another movie or drama. Kwang soo Oppa~ For me, you're still handsome, even when you act as an idiot and betrayer in RM. I have alot of respect for this guy and I watch Running Man regularly. And he'll be paired with Nichole Jung in Secret Love according to the casting order, wohoo lol lucky guy. I started noticing him on innocent man, then I saw him again in city hunter. I find him funny, awkward and attractive in cute way. Although all that said I can't see him play as main lead actor maybe a second lead(which he has), to me he doesn't have that male lead look or acting. I seriously like you, and I hope you'll visit in the Philippines. , getting involved in all sorts of character,hope he does well. But when I really liked him is when I got into running man, thats when I realize what kwang soo is really like. Hopefully 5 years or more we will see him in more success. I would love to see you ♡ work hard Oppa ♡ Fighting!! I hope that you will check this page oneday : D Love from Jordan ♡ Maybe i will never meet u for the rest of my life but i had to said that you are so cute and always make me smile all the time that i saw your face :) Before i saw you in runningman i really hate korean but u make me not feel that anymore... i am big fan even though your not that special hahahaha i am a spartace, commander and monday couple fan hahahahahah one day you guys can do a shooting in new zealand and let me be a guest thanks :) yay~~~~ I like how you act and you are so cute specially when you say your punchlines. His personality is just to beautiful to me he is my absolute my favorite in running man (and cityhunter) after him its grasshopper :) lol but anyways Kwang -Soo is amazing and the fact that my first childhood stuff animal was a giraffee brings me happiness when they call him that first watching him on RM E63 OMGG !

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