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Several puzzles can be considered variants of the original Sokoban game, in the sense that they all make use of a controllable character who pushes boxes around a maze.Alternative tilings: In the standard game, the mazes are laid out on a square grid.Sokoban can be studied using the theory of computational complexity.The problem of solving Sokoban puzzles has been proven to be NP-hard.In a variant called Beanstalk, the elements of the level must be pushed onto the goal in a fixed sequence.Additional game elements: Push Crate, Sokonex, Xsok, Cyberbox and Block-o-Mania all add new elements to the basic puzzle.Multiple pushers: In the variants Multiban and Interlock the player can control multiple characters.

Sokoban was a hit in Japan, and had sold over 400,000 units in that country by the time Spectrum Holo Byte imported it to the United States.This is also interesting for artificial intelligence researchers, because solving Sokoban can be compared to the automated planning that needs to be done by a robot that moves boxes in a warehouse.Sokoban is difficult not only due to its branching factor (which is comparable to chess), but also its enormous search tree depth; some levels can be extended indefinitely, with each iteration requiring an exponentially growing number of moves and pushes.Examples include holes, teleports, moving blocks and one-way passages.Character actions: In Pukoban, the character can pull boxes in addition to pushing them.

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