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"For many people, Facebook is their primary experience of the internet, and they’ll use whatever tools are given to them to propagate material that others would find unsavory," she says.

"That’s a condition of the internet itself."So what’s a company like Facebook to do?

In a way, the internet is the unbound and tangled web of our collective human psyche (at times, more id, than ego).

As long as real-time feedback is not an issue, this is an interesting new approach.

The classical one is to get some code (source or compiled as a library) and use it within your own application.

Let’s start with the most modern concept: By using web services, the client software does not need to bother about libraries or platform dependencies.

It was too late for those who had unwillingly seen the graphic images..

The immediacy and intimacy of live broadcasting can be extremely powerful for politicians, musicians, and journalists to speak directly to you from around the world.

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