Electro spin resonance dating

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Introduction to the immune system of vertebrates and invertebrates. Phylogeny and ontogeny of cells of the immune system. Introduction to quantitative treatment of biological data: nature of biological variation: basic descriptive statistics, types of distribution, probability and tests of significance, differences between means, association of two variables parametric and n Cell Biology Description . Seismology; seismic waves seismic evidence for the earth Immunology Description . Generation of diversity and anti Biostatistics Description . Strategies and methods of teaching computer science. Nature and function of enzymes, coenzymes and vitamins. The physiology and organisation of body systems: heat transfer, muscular and skeletal systems, circulation, respiration, digestion, nutrition metabolism, osmoregulation, excretion and integration(endocrine, sensory and neuro-physiology). Aims of teaching computer science in the secondary school. Development of computer science and its implications for teaching and learning. As a result of this, a large number of highly qualified teachers and educators will be needed. University of Nairobi, has therefore embarked on a flexible Bachelor of Education (Science) Degree Programme tailored to meet the challenges of the times. Principles of geophysics, application and limitation of gravity seismic, magnetic electromagnetic and resistivity methods.

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Prerequisities: SMA 341, SMA 422 Should not b Quantum Mechanics Description . The protochordates: Urochordata and Cephalochordata. Introduction to different classes of geoscientific and geotechnical data and statistics. The real number system, Completeness, Open and closed intervals, neighbourhoods, interior points, limit points, countability, Sequences; Functions Limits of functions; continuity; Concepts of differentiability and Integrability, Riemann Integral. The library is also networking with libraries from recognized international institutions of higher learning, thus enabling students to access relevant up to date academic literature as fresh as shown through internet. Nature, origin, occurrence, distribution, production and uses. Energy resources; oil, gas, coal and geothermal resources. A combination of theory, field and laboratory work on elements of field surveying and plane tabling; airphoto interpretation of topographical and geological features; methods and techniques of geological field observations and interpretations. Chemical dispersion of pollutants, pollution and health. Construction materials and their properties, site investigation, geology of reservoirs, dam sites, tunnels, open excavations and foundations. The Faculty of Education is housed in the College of Education and External Studies in a serene scenic environment 21Km northwest of Nairobi. Outstanding events in the evolution of living things. Geological Mineral Exploration And Mining Description . Concept and general theory of surfaces First Order Partial Differential Equations Description . Simultaneous differential equations of the first order. Systems of linear equations: rect and interative methods Number Theory Description . Application of approximation to Gaussian and related quadrature.

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